Lizard Spit
    Available products:
  • • ‘Slick Nutz’ (nut slot) Lubricant
  • Guitar and Bass Care Pack
    Guitar Polish, Fretboard Conditioner
    and Micro Fiber Cloth
  • Lizard Spit Guitar Polish
    w/Pro-Tec-Shine for ‘Finger Print Control
  • ‘Music’ Micro Fiber Polish Cloth
    ‘Space-Age Technology’ Ultra Soft
  • Lizard Spit Fretboard Conditioner
    ‘Simply the highest quality fret board oil’
    made with real orange
  • Drum Care Pack
    Drum shell- and cymbal polish
  • Lizard Spit Cymbal Polish
    w/protectants to keep shine lasting
    on your cymbals
  • Lizard Spit Drum Shell Polish/Cleaner